Commercial Construction

Sundance Plumbing Co's experience covers a wide range of projects including small and large commercial buildings, fast food restaurants, large restaurants, fitness centers and large retail buildings and retail centers/shopping malls.

The difficult we do right away.

Sundance Plumbing Co's crews are familiar with "fast track" projects as well as projects run on a normal time frame. We at Sundance Plumbing Co take pride in our ability to keep your projects running smoothly and on schedule.

The impossible may take a day.

We are also proud of our response to warranty issues that may arise. We will have a man to your customer's site within 24 hours, sooner if it is an emergency.

Miracles may take a week.

At Sundance Plumbing Co, we know that putting you in a good light with your client is in our best interest as well. If we can help to make you look good, we know that Sundance Plumbing Co will also benefit.